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Learn Elixir With a Pro

Who am I and what is this I don't even...?

I'm Josh Adams, the CTO of a mildly successful software consultancy that does cool stuff (isotope11.com). I'm an expert rubyist and have built systems that handle a billion plus worth of transactions per year (I sadly do not get a cut). I've architected large projects for customers ranging from state agencies to federal agencies, and built tons of startups' apps.

Having said that, I'm new to Erlang and newer to elixir (though I have built an actor model based financial trading platform in ruby with celluloid). The premise of the series is that I will learn elixir as a professional developer that is very experienced, and you will come along for the ride.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that this entire format is inspired by Avdi Grimm's RubyTapas. If you like this, you're bound to love RubyTapas.


How can I subscribe to this in a feed reader?

You can use iTunes or Miro or any other video feed reader to subscribe, by adding the feed with your HTTP Basic Auth information in the front of the url. An example URL would look like http://username:password@elixirsips.dpdcart.com/feed.

Convenient Goodies

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